A premium, open marketplace for online monetization.


  • High performing, innovative ad formats

    Large range of IAB standard formats: Video, Popunders, Interstitials, Push, Native, Display Banners.

  • Intuitive interface

    Quickly and easily create new ad zones and launch campaigns.

  • Real time statistics

    Fully customisable dashboard to display your data for ad zones and campaigns to make fast decisions to grow your ROI.

  • Powerful API integration

    Allows publishers and advertisers to automate all adnation platform features for optimum performance

  • Advertiser features

    Deep targeting - Fine tune your campaign performance with our large range of targeting features to increase CTRs and conversions.

  • Automatic optimisation tools

    Set your own bidding algorithms and rules to target the best performing ad zones. Use our algorithm to send traffic to your best performing ad creatives and landing pages.

API Integration

Advertisers can automate:

  • Campaigns/groups, variations, offers, ad formats
  • Targeting/blocking of targeting options, categories
  • Goals
  • Pull stats including adblock user data
  • Daily budget, account funding, payment types
  • Landing page name, url & traffic share algorithm

Publishers can automate:

  • Ad formats and ad zones
  • Sites, url verifications
  • Block ad types & product categories
  • Pull all statas including adblock user data
  • Bidding prices per ad format/GEO, pricing models
  • Payment types

Download technical documentation:


  • GEO

    Target users by country and city

  • Language

    Filter users based on their language

  • Device

    Target specific devices from desktop, mobile devices (Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, etc), tablets, VR devices, Smart TV and wearable devices.

  • Operating System
    Operating System

    Desktop and mobile operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

  • Browser

    All the major browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.

  • Mobile Carrier
    Mobile Carrier

    Target users browsing with 3G or 4G through their mobile phone operator.

  • IP Range
    IP Range

    Use your own database of IP ranges to target specific IPs.

  • Site

    Target specific sites.

  • Contextual

    Our comprehensive list of channels and advanced contextual engine will deliver traffic that is relevant to your product.

  • Keyword

    Get traffic from very specific or small niches with our Keyword Targeting.

  • Frequency Capping
    Frequency Capping

    Limit the exposure of your campaigns to unique users.

  • Day-parting

    Select the exact times of when you want your campaigns to run and in which time-zone.


adnation's Bidder is an automated optimisation feature.
It lets you:

  • Reach your desired CPA for test and full campaigns.
  • Block non-performing ad zones and win high performing ad zones.
  • Scale up and run multiple campaigns.
  • Free up valuable time to invest in improving creatives, planning strategies and business development.

Automatic Bidding

Bidder automatically adjusts (up/down) your CPM/CPC bids according to your target CPAs and blacklists ad zones that haven't converted when your maximum test budget is reached.

Set Rules

For even further campaign optimisation, create your own rules to block ad zones based on the rules you set for CTR, Click, Conversion or ROI. You can add as many rules as you like to fine tune the algorithm.

adnation Bidder